Customer fresh kratom leaf

Review for a real one 💛 (in comments) from Vendorsofkratom

I’m sure some of you have seen my other posts showing off my fresh leaf I was dabbling with. Well in my dabbling, I discovered (was informed) how the age of the tree, and how it’s grown, can make a large difference in quality of the leaf. This guy /kratomroll aka kratomleaf dot US, who’s running an absolutely epic project, took the time to explain to me how different his fresh leaf was compared to what I was getting. I’m sure y’all have seen his comments here and there and assumed he’s just another company promoter on this sub. But he’s got a genuine love for this plant. They’re dedicating, and volunteering, alot of time and effort to have the best American grown plants (incoming comments about American grown kratom being a novelty lmao.) But yeah the guys trees are 3-4 times as old as the other American growers I was getting from. His quality in leaf was dark green and you could tell they were picked and immediately sent off, unlike the last pic of the brown wilting leaves I got from a previous company I was digging. So yeah to sum it up. His leaf blew the other company out of the water. He was able to work with me on a sample pack and also mentioned to me that the prices on his leaf may be going down. Just to mention, they don’t take any money for themselves, it’s all dumped back into the nursery to keep things growing and flowing! I’m a fella who lives to help people heal with plants. It’s literally my job. If your looking for quality fresh leaf, hit these guys up! You’ll be supporting local growers and if he keeps the same quality of customer service as he did with me, you’ll be very satisfied! The imported red Indonesian was pretty damn good too, I’m not really a dark red guy though. Also, don’t be a shill. I’m sure your already wondering if I’m one or not but nah, like I said, I really love helping people heal with plants !